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Busby Campaign, Supporters And Allies Publicly Mobilize Against Sheriff's Raid

The San Diego Sheriff's Department has launched an internal investigation into the matter, and as a result they are not publicly commenting. The District Attorney's office is also examining the matter as it has been put before them, as it weighs whether to actually press charges against the two women who were arrested.

In an interview with TPM on Monday, Busby said that the original noise complaint clearly had a political motivation. "The deputies were telling people that they were taking statements from, that the call came in about noise from a Democratic rally, or Democratic demonstration," she said. She also lambasted Abbott's performance: "He was not listening; there was no controlling this person. The people who asked him to stop hurting this woman were pepper-sprayed without warning, there was no talking to this man."

And Busby also immediately set out to parlay this development into some good for her campaign, putting out a fundraising e-mail about the incident. "I am going to fight even harder to stop this hateful intimidation," she wrote. "I hope that I can count on you to fight this battle with me."

Shari Barman, the homeowner who was arrested, also released a statement Monday night: "He told me I was under arrest, grabbed my right arm, twisted it behind me and threw me on the ground. Some of the 25 or so people who were still in attendance observed what was happening and started asking the deputy what was going on. My partner, Jane Stratton, asked him to please be careful as I had recently had right shoulder surgery. His response was to knock her to the ground."