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Busby Blames Local Resident's Political Agenda, Sheriff's Department Officer In Raid On Fundraiser

I asked her about a statement from one of the arresting officers, Sgt. Thomas Yancey, that Busby herself should have shown leadership in keeping the crowd in order. She obviously disagrees. "Because first of all, nothing was happening until this woman was arrested. He put her in a restraint-hold and she fell to the floor," she said. "I walked in when all the confusion started, and he was spraying pepper spray in all their faces...and frankly someone told me, 'You need to get out of here,' because it was out of control. He was not listening; there was no controlling this person. The people who asked him to stop hurting this woman were pepper-sprayed without warning, there was no talking to this man."

Busby made it clearer to me that these were not the sort of typically rowdy political demonstrators. "They were middle aged and above. This is not a rowdy crowd," she said, also adding: "Only one person said it reminded her of something in college. They had never seen something like this."