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Brutal Dem Ad Cites GOP Candidate Role In Illegal Strip Searches Of Teenage Girls (VIDEO)


"It happened repeatedly in Wareham [MA]. Jeff Perry was the supervising officer at the scene during one assault. Another assault he just tried to explain away. Several months later, Perry suddenly resigned from the force. Now he's running for Congress, but the past is haunting him, including the father of a 14 year old victim who says 'there's nowhere he should run except out of town.'"

Rough stuff, and backed up by years of reporting and documentation. In the end, Flanagan spent four years in jail. Sign of the times, though, that Dems have to get this serious in Massachusetts.

Perry is running against Democrat Bill Keating, who recently raised the issue in a live debate. "[B]oth of the victims said you personally failed to protect them. One of them said you covered it up. The other said you stood five feet away and did nothing. If you can't protect two teenage girls, how can you protect the interests of this district in Congress?"

Watch the ad below:

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