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Boehner's Spending Cuts Would Kill 1 Million Jobs

Newscom / Jeff Malet

Lilly ran the numbers for Dana Milbank of the Washington Post:

using the usual multipliers, [Lilly] calculated that the cuts - a net of $59 billion in the last half of fiscal 2011 - would lead to the loss of 650,000 government jobs, and the indirect loss of 325,000 more jobs as fewer government workers travel and buy things. That's nearly 1 million jobs - possibly enough to tip the economy back into recession.

Milbank additionally notes that Boehner's spending plan includes some $450 million for the development of a second engine for the F-35 Joint Striker -- which is done in a GE plant in Boehner's district that employs 7,000 people. Lilly wrote Sunday that, despite Boehner's promises to end earmarks, the job-saving money for the engine's development looks a lot like an earmark.