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Boehner: No Debt Limit Solution Til After Vote On Balanced Budget Amendment


"The cut cap and balance plan that the House will vote on next week is a solid plan for moving forward," he said. "Let's get through that vote and then we'll make decisions about what will come after."

This effort is running parallel to the one leaders of both parties are putting together on the Senate side, in conjunction with the White House. That's where the real solution lies. Boehner's offer is a consolation prize, of sorts, for House conservatives, whom GOP leaders feel they must appease.

Hearing Boehner talk about it, you might think they had all the time in the world for symbolic votes.

"Senator McConnell pointed out that his plan is being put on the table as a last-ditch effort," he said. "We're far from the time for a last ditch effort."

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