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Bill Owens Sworn In As Congressman For New York's 23rd District

"I'd like to thank my family for being with me, and for standing behind me every step of the way. To my wife, Jane, my three children, Jenna, Tara and Brendan, and my three grandchildren Caroline, Tommy and Tess, I know that I could never have made it without you, and I am grateful for your support and for all the laughs we had along the way.

"I also want to thank the people of New York's Twenty Third Congressional District, whose work I begin today. Conscious of the challenges that face us, I am eager to join my colleagues in finding bipartisan solutions to health care, energy, our farm crisis and our struggling economy.

"My family and I came to Plattsburgh when I transferred to Plattsburgh Air Force Base. When I left the Air Force, we decided to stay and make our home in Upstate New York but I remained committed to serving my country and my community. That's what I have tried to do throughout my life in Upstate New York, and is the reason I ran for Congress.

"I am proud to begin a new chapter of service to my country and remain hopeful that if we continue seeking out bipartisan solutions to the problems that face us, we can build a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. I pledge to work hard each and every day that I am honored to serve to see this come to light.

"Thank you"