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Bill Halter's Base -- Rural Conservative Voters?


A Democratic source in Arkansas, who claimed neutrality in the race, told TPMDC that Halter benefited from an anti-incumbent conservative vote in areas of the state where local offices are still intensely dominated by the Democratic Party, going for Halter by virtue of being Lincoln's most well-known opponent.

"So while these people have seen all the negative advertising from the health care stuff going back to last August, and they're upset about it -- and these folks didn't vote for the president either -- they're still going to vote in a Democratic primary," the source said.

And the source further explained that this could present a difficulty for Halter, if many of those voters don't show up again: "I think it's these people that wanted to vote for their local officials, but they're not gonna come back out, because they wanted to vote for their sheriff or county judge or mayor. But those races have already been decided."

In addition, Lincoln could possibly benefit from the Democratic runoffs for the open House seats in the First and Second Congressional Districts, areas where she actually did well in the largest counties.