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Bill Clinton Uses Sports Metaphors On Voting Calmly

His other metaphor: "You watch these football games on the weekend, the great quarterbacks are the ones that keep looking at the field, even when these 300-pound behemoths are about to crush them, right. They are, they're calm, and they complete the pass. That's what voting is for people in trouble this year. You cannot let people let their fears, their frustrations, their discouragement, keep them from the polls."

Both of these metaphors seem a bit odd, applied to this race. Corzine himself has "run into the wall," in a 2007 car accident that seriously injured him and nearly cost him his life. (He was not driving, but had instructed his driver to speed them to their destination, and he was not wearing a seatbelt.) As for the football metaphor, the "300-pound behemoths are about to crush them" line could come across the wrong way in a race where Democrats have been accused of making fun of Republican nominee Chris Christie's weight problem.