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Bill Clinton Heading Out On Campaign Trail For Democratic Candidates


Lincoln's Sept. 8 event in Little Rock will be held the same day as a fundraiser for Democrat Chad Causey in Arkansas' 1st Congressional district, Politico reported. The former president endorsed Causey in a runoff in June.

Clinton will also headline a rally for gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter (D-TN) in Nashville on Sept. 9. The McWherter campaign alerted supporters in an email today.

TPMDC asked a Clinton spokesman if there were about to be more rallies announced, given his success on the trail earlier this summer. He wouldn't tip his hand other than, "You'll see a lot of him."

Clinton is, after all, more popular than Obama.

Still, the White House says Obama will be on the campaign trail plenty in the coming weeks, and Vice President Joe Biden will be doing a stumping blitz of his own with events planned in more than a dozen states.