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Bennet Explains Why Obama Wouldn't Be Helpful On Campaign Trail (VIDEO)


"I think that the personal reaction by the independent voters that you've described, based on a lot of, you know, the political rhetoric that's gone back and forth, might not make it helpful," Bennet said. "And I think the President should be in place around the country where he, where it will be helpful, and we are running this race on the facts on the ground in Colorado, what people are really interested in working on."

The morning after his primary win in August, Bennet went on the Today show and downplayed the role that Obama's presence on the campaign trail had played in his hard-fought victory over Andrew Romanoff. At the time, he said "we'll have to see" when asked if he wanted Obama to return to Colorado in the general.

Watch Bennet yesterday:

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Republican Ken Buck leading Bennet 47.9%-45.4%.

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