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Bennet, DSCC Ads Hit Ken Buck's 'Extreme' Views (VIDEOS)


Bennet's ad, which went up last week, features a Denver OB/GYN saying she's "disturbed" by Buck's stances on birth control and abortion. "As far as I'm concerned, Ken Buck is just too extreme for Colorado," she says. (The Denver Post reported this weekend that Buck has been walking back his past support for the "Personhood Amendment" on the Colorado ballot, saying "I'm not in favor of banning common forms of birth control.")

Meanwhile, a DSCC ad hits Buck for the same abortion and birth control stances. "Ken Buck does not belong in my family planning," one voter says.

Another DSCC spot features Coloradans reacting to Buck's past opposition to the 17th amendment, which allows for the direct election of Senators. The DSCC has hit him for before for these comments, which Buck has since walked back.

The TPM Poll Average for the race shows Buck leading Bennet 46.6%-43.3%.

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