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Beau Biden Not Running For Senate In Delaware

Newscom / Brian Baer

Delaware has been a strongly Democratic state in recent elections. But with the widespread feeling that this is going to be a tough year -- and the concrete evidence of that from the Republican victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election -- yet another Dem seat is going to be very hard to retain.

Republicans already have a strong candidate in the race, Rep. Mike Castle, who has held the state's only House seat since 1992, and was governor for eight years before that. With a strong Republican in the race and currently no Democrat, this race has to be seen as a likely GOP takeover for now.

Polls had previously shown a close race between Castle and Beau Biden, with one poll showing Castle ahead and another poll having Biden ahead.

Late Update: National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Colin Reed released this statement:

"Clearly, Beau Biden's decision not to run for the United States Senate represents a major recruiting setback for national Democrats, who have been counting on his candidacy to keep the Vice President's former seat in Democrat control. As we saw in Massachusetts last week, voters clearly stated that these seats belong to the people - not to either political party or dynasty. Voters want independent-minded leaders who will put their interests first and not simply serve as a rubberstamp for the out-of-control spending and big government agenda that we've witnessed in Washington under the Democrats' control. Congressman Mike Castle has a proven record of independence and bipartisanship that puts him in a strong position to win this seat in November."