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Axelrod: Warren A Candidate To Lead New Consumer Protection Bureau


Geithner and Warren haven't exactly had a warm public relationship, so the news that he has reservations, and may be trying to block her, is no surprise. Just ask Sheila Bair. But this puts the White House in a tricky spot now if it turns out Obama does not nominate her.

Warren is the intellectual godmother of the new protection agency, and has a great deal of support from grassroots progressives. They're trying to counter Geithner by petitioning the President to give her the job. "Elizabeth Warren has proven that she is willing to stand up to Wall Street on behalf of consumers and is the logical choice to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau," reads a Progressive Change Campaign Committee petition. "Tim Geithner is a longtime Wall Street insider, and if he's recommending against Elizabeth Warren that's all the more reason to appoint her."

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