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Axelrod: Obama To Hit The Road To Push 'Win The Future'


Wednesday was day one of that strategy. Obama spoke to a crowd at Orion Energy Systems in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where he re-delivered his call for greater investment in growth.

"If we as a country continue to invest in you, the American people, then I'm absolutely confident America will win the future in this century, as we did in the last," he said.

Republicans aren't exactly divided over this issue anymore. They've largely abandoned their old calls for funding infrastructure projects to enhance their political attacks on Democrat-driven spending. But some of their chief allies in the business world claim to stand with Obama on this issue, and that could drive a wedge between party leaders and the rank and file.

"if you don't support this strategy then the question is: what's your strategy?" Axelrod posed hypothetically. "We have an answer."

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