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As Newt's Libya Position Implodes, He Accuses Obama of Flip-Flopping


So let's unpack this for a moment. If we're to take Newt Gingrich at his word, then it seems that he was calling on Obama to "replace" Qaddafi ... while hoping the President didn't take his advice? TPM e-mailed Newt spokesman Rick Tyler to ask whether Gingrich's Feb. 22 comments should have been interpreted as a call for the White House to demand Qaddafi's ouster, as Obama subsequently did, or to quietly and covertly arm rebels, as Gingrich now claims was the proper move.

"The president made an unpresidential mistake by publicly calling for Qaddafi to go," Tyler responded. Obama put "American prestige" on the line against Qaddafi when he called for him to go with "no plan to remove him," Tyler said.

According to Tyler, Gingrich did "not call for military action" in his Feb. 22 interview. "Reagan defeated the Soviet Union without going to war," he said. "Newt's position has been consistent."

But didn't Reagan also call the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire?"

"Calling the Soviet Union an evil empire is not them same as announcing regime change," Tyler replied. "The difference is Reagan had a plan and it worked. Obama has no plan except to referee a civil war."

Below, via Politico, is a clip of Newt's fateful February 22nd interview.">