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Arkansas GOP Chair: Lincoln, Halter Headed To Run-Off, And That's Good News For Us


Morrison -- who has the support of Libertarians and kicked off his campaign with public doubts about global warming -- has been a factor in some recent polling. A Mason-Dixon poll released last week showed Morrison with 7% of the vote. Lincoln led with 44% and Halter came in second with 32%.

If those numbers hold, there would be three more weeks of campaigning between Halter and Lincoln after May 18. A candidate has to reach at least 50% to avoid a run-off in Arkansas. (Mike Madden reported today that internal Lincoln polls show her crossing the 50% mark on the May 18.)

Webb said that even if there's no run-off, Morrison has made sure that conservative issues have been raised in it midst of the Democratic primary, which has served to "let voters know what their in for" with either Democrat.

"I feel very good about this race," Webb told me.