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Angle Walks It Back: I Was 'Incorrect' To Call $20B BP Account A 'Slush Fund'


Late Update: The Reid campaign released this statement in response:

LAS VEGAS - Following the remarks of Republican Sharron Angle that the $20 billion BP escrow account was a "slush fund" and that the Obama Administration "shouldn't be doing that to a private company," Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele issued the following statement:

"This pitiful attempt by Sharron Angle's new DC handlers to back off her warm embrace of BP contradicts a record of consistently siding with big oil and against the victims of the tragedy in the Gulf. Since more than a month into the spill, Angle's has consistently advocated further deregulation and less oversight of big oil, and she has also explicitly opposed lifting liability caps on BP.

"Angle's anti-government rants are entirely consistent with her opposition to the $20 billion escrow account - a fund designed explicitly to prevent taxpayer bailouts and make BP clean up their own mess - as well as her position that we should dismantle the EPA in the middle of the worst environmental disaster in American history.