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Angle: Sharia Taking Hold In The United States


To her credit, Angle also got in a decent off-the-cuff joke earlier in the town hall -- about certain politicians who might write down notes on their hands:

As part of the next question, an Angle supporter thanked her for "talking without a TelePrompter," an obvious dig at President Obama's use of the video device during speeches.

Angle laughed.

"No notes on my hand, either," Angle joked while holding up her open palms, a humorous reference to the brouhaha raised earlier this year when Republican Sarah Palin was caught using notes written on her hand during a speech.

The TPM Poll Average of the Nevada Senate race currently puts Harry Reid ahead by 47.7%-45.2%.

Read about the origins of the right-wing meme about Sharia here.

(Via David Corn.)