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Angle Met With 'Tea Party' Candidate, Trashed GOP -- And Offered Him Perks To Drop Out


[TPM SLIDESHOW: 'Showdown In Searchlight': Tea Partiers Rally To Boot Harry Reid]

Another fun excerpt:

Angle: "(The Republicans in DC) don't want me back there...because they know I'll shake this mess up...I shook it up in Carson City, they hated me there...41-Angle was not a compliment...When I go back, there may be five or six of us....maybe Joe Miller (Alaska), Ken Buck (Colorado), Christine O'Donnell (Delaware).

Ashjian: "She (O'Donnell) doesn't have a chance."

Angle: "Well I think she's real." She then skeptically mentions the Florida GOP Senate nominee as one of the group: "Marco Rubio, but that's a stretch for me."

Angle campaign spokesman Jarrod Agen has released this statement about the tape:

"Sharron expressed what many working families in Nevada and across the country are feeling. They are angry with Harry Reid, they are angry with Washington DC, and they want blunt plain-spoken leaders who are willing to shake things up. Sharron represents the interests of Nevada, not the interests of Washington DC like Harry Reid does, and that's why she is going to win."

Meanwhile, the Reid campaign put out a statement that declared: "...Sharron Angle engaged in an act of supreme hypocrisy (even for her) during their secret meeting - attempting to cut a deal with Ashjian to get him off the ballot, and openly trashing the very same national Republicans that are supporting her candidacy."

The TPM Poll Average currently puts Reid ahead by 47.7%-45.2%.

To listen to the audio, click here.

Late Update: TPM interviewed Angle's lawyer. Cleta Mitchell said the campaign ignored her advice and walked right into a setup. Read the story here.