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Angle Holds 'Press Conference,' Takes No Questions And Leaves (VIDEO)


The Las Vegas Sun gives some local color:

Alas, Angle's more media-friendly moment was over almost as soon as it began.

In the warehouse of a family-owned clean diesel manufacturer in Sparks, Angle delivered a three-minute speech on her desire to permanently repeal the estate tax. When invited by the final speaker to stay and answer a few questions, she turned on her heel and rushed out a back door with a small cadre of staff members.

Reporters, including one who is six months pregnant, chased after her, calling out questions on unemployment benefits and other topics she has largely refused to address.

Brief though it may have been, the event was one of her first efforts to illustrate her philosophy that government's role in the economy is largely to stay out of the way of the private sector.

The TPM Poll Average currently shows Reid edging ahead of Angle by a margin of 44.0%-43.1%.