Alvin Greene Gives First Campaign Speech: ‘Reclaim Our Country’ From ‘Terrorists And The Communists’ (VIDEO)


Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee challenging Jim DeMint (R) for his South Carolina Senate seat, made his first public speech yesterday, and called for the country to “reclaim our country from the terrorists and the communists.”The speech, which took place in Manning Junior High School gymnasium in South Carolina, was hosted by the Manning chapter of the NAACP. The event attracted about 300 people yesterday afternoon.

Greene spoke for about seven minutes, and reportedly told Jessica Yellin of CNN, who was in Manning, that his speech was “handwritten on double lined notebook paper.”

He began by saying that he is the best choice for the Senate seat, and is “also the best choice for the Image Award next year.”

Greene then repeated the statistic that in June, “we saw a net loss of 125,000 jobs across the country.” He then said that the state of South Carolina ranks 49th for education, has “the highest high school drop out rate across the country,” and spends “more than two times of our tax paying dollars on inmates than students.”

Greene talked about green jobs, and using alternative energy sources like “solar, wind and methane.”

He also emphasized “justice in the judicial system. The punishment should fit the crime. Fairness saves us money.”

“Let’s move South Carolina and America forward,” Greene said, adding that South Carolina “cannot afford six more years of my opponent,” DeMint, who has held the state “hostage.”

He ended with this message to his constituents: “if you’re not registered to vote, register to vote.”

Watch the full speech: