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Alaska Dem Sen. Begich Calls On Joe Miller To Concede


Miller won the Republican primary in August in a stunning 51%-49% upset, aided by the support of Tea Party activists and former Gov. Sarah Palin. However, Murkowski rebounded with a write-in campaign, which seems to have overcome all the obstacles that such an effort would face.

Write-in votes for Murkowski, counting those that were challenged by Miller's campaign but nevertheless accepted by the state, give her a lead of 10,328 votes. Even after subtracting every single write-in ballot that Team Miller has challenged, Murkowski still leads by 2,169.

Miller has filed a lawsuit to try to block Murkowski's apparent win in the race, charging that various write-in ballots for Murkowski should be thrown out -- though even the ballots he has challenged would not close the current gap. He is also urging for a statewide recount that might make up the rest. A state judge has expedited the case, with arguments set for this Wednesday.