Alan Grayson’s New Pitch: ‘The Invention of Truth-Telling’


Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has rolled out a funny picture in a campaign fundraising e-mail, seemingly made for viral campaign tactics — that his presence in Washington is “The Invention of Truth-Telling.”

The poster is a takeoff on the new movie The Invention of Lying set in an alternate reality where people only tell the truth, and one man discovered how to lie and uses it for his personal benefit. Grayson, then, would view himself as living in a world where people only lie, and he is the one man who has discovered honesty — and yes, he is using it for his personal benefit.

NRCC spokesman Andy Seré gave this comment to the St. Petersburg Times: “‘Narcissistic personality disorder’ comes to mind. So does ‘one-term congressman.’ This circus act is getting tiresome.”