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After Tedisco Stronghold Reports Totals, Murphy Still Ahead By 86 Votes

Meanwhile, Judge James V. Brands has issued an opinion that appears to have damaged Tedisco's hopes of winning the challenges.

As explained by PolitickerNY, the Tedisco camp had been seeking to obtain copies of the original applications for absentee ballots, rather than just the counties' records of the applications. But Brands ruled that a campaign has no legal entitlement to those papers, meaning Tedisco won't have the evidence to attempt to prove up his challenges against various Murphy voters. This basically renders the challenges null and void, as Brands essentially endorsed a presumption of correctness by the local officials who issued the ballots.

Brands set a date and time of this Monday at 10 a.m. for further proceedings to count the challenged absentee ballots. This thing might just be winding down.