After Brightly Colored Chart Failed To Win Waxman-Markey Fight, GOP Brings It To The Battle Over Health Reform


After a brightly colored chart failed to kill the Waxman-Markey bill, House Republicans are scrapping doubling down on the idea. They’ve created a new one to demonstrate just how complicated the Democrats’ health care reform bill is.

Just as in the case of the Waxman-Markey chart, though, this doesn’t actually explain anything. And it ironically begs the question of whether Republicans secretly want a simpler, single payer system to replace more complex reform proposals.Responding to this latest attack with tongue in cheek, a House aide sends over a different chart–circulating among Democratic staffers–which gives the GOP’s alternative health care proposal similar treatment.

As I noted yesterday, the House Republican plan chimes in at four pages and accomplishes key reform goals via a bit of hocus pocus.


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