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Republicans have picked up another Senate seat in their quest for a majority, with Republican Mike Rounds beating Democrat Rick Weiland and independent Larry Pressler to succeed retiring Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD), according to projections from CNN, Fox News and the Associated Press.

Despite a brief glimmer of hope for Democrats earlier this month, the South Dakota Senate race has ended as everyone expected it would. And Weiland's supporters are laying the blame for the seat's flip, as Rounds takes over for retiring Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and national Democrats for their lack of commitment to the race.

The tension between the Weiland campaign and the national party has been simmering for months upon months. Reid and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) openly battled over the contest, with Daschle getting his preferred candidate in former aide Weiland. Ever since, the Weiland campaign, from the candidate down, have interpreted every move by the national party as an attempt to undermine his candidacy.

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It's not easy moving to a new state and defeating a popular senator, as Scott Brown (R) learned the hard way on Tuesday night when he fell to New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D).

The race was called by ABC News and NBC News for Shaheen, denying the GOP what would have been a huge upset.

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Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell comfortably won reelection victory on Tuesday night in an unexpectedly hard-fought Kentucky race, enjoying a consolidation of long-undecided GOP and independent voters in the final stretch.

Now he's eying his career-long dream of becoming Senate majority leader, which appears likely on Jan. 3.

The race was called for McConnell within one minute of the polls closing by NBC News and CNN.

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The campaign for Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) is seizing on Vice President Joe Biden's comments in an Election Day interview in a huge last-day effort to portray Greg Orman as a closet Democrat in what could end up being the closest Senate race in the country.

The Roberts campaign is spinning Biden's comments in a radio interview with WPLR in New Haven, Conn., in which Biden said that Orman "will be with us." The core of Roberts' strategy has been to paint Orman as a secret Democrat, while Orman has strained to maintain his independence.

A source with the Roberts campaign told TPM that the campaign would contact one million voters on Tuesday with automated calls featuring the comments.

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