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The campaign for Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) is seizing on Vice President Joe Biden's comments in an Election Day interview in a huge last-day effort to portray Greg Orman as a closet Democrat in what could end up being the closest Senate race in the country.

The Roberts campaign is spinning Biden's comments in a radio interview with WPLR in New Haven, Conn., in which Biden said that Orman "will be with us." The core of Roberts' strategy has been to paint Orman as a secret Democrat, while Orman has strained to maintain his independence.

A source with the Roberts campaign told TPM that the campaign would contact one million voters on Tuesday with automated calls featuring the comments.

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As campaigns around the country draw to a close, several races remain much tighter than the original map led strategists to believe. Though many forecasters say the Republicans are still favored to take the Senate, several key races remain within the margin of error in polling averages. Many are still reluctant to put their dime down on a winner.

Combine that with a year in which third-party candidates have thrown a wrench in to many party plans and more than one race likely to go into overtime runoff races, this election year has been a bumpy ride for both parties.

The following key races will determine who gets control of the Senate come January.

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