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In an Election Day tweet, the Republican National Lawyers Association labeled the Brennan Center -- a non-partisan public policy institute that advocates for voters and studies other justice issues -- an "anti-democracy hate" group.

The Twitter account of the GOP lawyers linked to a right-wing blog's post on the Brennan Center being the recipient of contributions from George Soros, while decrying Brennan as "vote fraud deniers." A few hours later, Republican National Lawyers Association walked back the "hate groups" comment on Twitter.

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The Department of Justice announced Monday that it plans to send more than 500 agency members to monitor election sites across across the country, a significant decrease from the roughly 780 of elections monitors deployed in 2012, according to the AP.

DOJ personnel will be at 67 jurisdictions in 28 states Tuesday, an agency press release said.

“The bedrock of our democracy is the right to vote, and the Department of Justice works tirelessly to uphold that right not only on Election Day, but every day,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in the release. “We enforce federal statutes related to voting through a range of activities – including filing our own litigation when the facts warrant, submitting statements of interest in private lawsuits to help explain our understanding of these laws, and providing guidance to election officials and the general public about what these laws mean and what they require."

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