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It looks as though the House of Representatives will easily hold its majority after Tuesday and the Republican Party will win the White House after eight years of President Barack Obama.

But when House Speaker Paul Ryan returns to Washington next week, the party he has long campaigned for, the ideals he fought for and the conservatism he said he believed in are no longer the same.

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NEW YORK -- In a stunning upset, Hillary Clinton reportedly conceded the presidential race to Donald Trump over the phone early Wednesday morning, an hour after her campaign chair told the audience at her election night event that she would not be making a public appearance.

Clinton's loss upended months of polls and electoral predictions anticipating a victory for the Democratic nominee.

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After an unprecedented and norm-shattering campaign, New York real estate mogul Donald Trump has stunned the world, defying nearly all pre-election predictions in winning the presidency.

His victory was called by the AP at about 2:30 a.m., after key wins in the Rust Belt cleared his path to the 270-electoral-vote threshold needed to secure his victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump scored vote wins in states like Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina, defying most election forecasts that named Clinton the odds-on-favorite in the race.

Clinton's failure to turn out support in her key states is a shocking twist in an already unpredictable race. She would have been the first female president. Backing her candidacy was a well-organized operation and A-list surrogates, including the current President, the first lady, and Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. Her defeat jolts the domestic political world, and sends a shock wave around the globe.

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After Jason Kander conceded in the Missouri Senate race Wednesday morning and the Pennsylvania Senate race was called for incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey, Republicans were all but guaranteed to hold onto their U.S. Senate majority after a nail-biting and contentious race that saw the party defending territory from Missouri to New Hampshire as it battled with its own presidential nominee.

A GOP Senate majority is expected even as the outcome of the presidential race remains uncertain, but Donald Trump appeared on the verge of victory, too, and his stunning performance had perhaps buoyed Republican senators.

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This story has been updated as results have come in throughout the night.

Donald Trump has exceeded expectations in a number of key swing states he would need to win the White House, suddenly and dramatically shifting the terrain that will determine the outcome of the election.

After hours during which Florida was too close to call, Trump was projected to win the state around 11 p.m. ET. North Carolina -- another crucial toss-up -- was called in his favor soon thereafter. As Wisconsin and Michigan remain too close to call, it appears that the blue firewall of Rust Belt states Clinton was depending on is in serious jeopardy.

Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, two other state Hillary Clinton could use to shut Trump out from his path to 270, are still too close to call.

At the very least, both campaigns are in for a long night.

Clinton's campaign finally got some good news Tuesday evening when Virginia was called in here favor. At first, the state -- which was barely treated as a swing state, given her consistent lead in the polls -- was too close to call. But her victory there, at least, means that no state expected to be in her column has been upset by Trump.

Trump also has been projected to win Ohio a state that was leaning towards him, but that Clinton supporters hoped she could have pulled out, had the presidential race turned into a Clinton landslide.

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In an Election Day tweet, the Republican National Lawyers Association labeled the Brennan Center -- a non-partisan public policy institute that advocates for voters and studies other justice issues -- an "anti-democracy hate" group.

The Twitter account of the GOP lawyers linked to a right-wing blog's post on the Brennan Center being the recipient of contributions from George Soros, while decrying Brennan as "vote fraud deniers." A few hours later, Republican National Lawyers Association walked back the "hate groups" comment on Twitter.

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