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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Donald Trump surrogates, including a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, defended his promise to sic his Department of Justice on Hillary Clinton, while a Democratic senator supporting Clinton called the remark one of the worst moments of the debate.

Trump said that Clinton "would be in jail" if he was president and that he would "instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation."

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The list of Republican lawmakers who are ditching Donald Trump is growing fast since

After video surfaced of Donald Trump explicitly describing how he tried to seduce a married woman, kissed women no matter if they wanted to be kissed and grabbed them by the p***y, Republican lawmakers have quickly started distancing themselves from the presidential nominee just a month ahead of the election.

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Donald Trump received a middle class tax credit on a Park Avenue condo that his campaign acknowledges he never actually lived in, even though only primary residences were eligible for the New York property tax credit, TPM has learned.

After TPM brought the Park Avenue tax credit to the attention of the Trump campaign, it admitted Friday that Trump should never have received the tax break on the Park Avenue condo but blamed it on a mistake by the city (more on what the city thinks of that later).

TPM came across the problematic tax credit in the course of examining Trump’s use of the tax credit on another property, his penthouse in Trump Tower in recent years. The city had ruled the penthouse was enrolled to get the tax credit by mistake, but a closer examination suggests mistake or not, Trump would have had to meet the state's income requirements to qualify for the credit: taxable income of no more than $500,000 a year.

The upshot is that there is reason to suspect that Trump suffered additional losses sometime after 1995 that he used to drive down his taxable income and ultimately his income tax burden.

Taken together with the partial Trump tax returns published by the Times, the story of the Trump property tax credits casts new light on Trump’s wealth and how it came to be that a billionaire real estate developer was scrounging a roughly $300 tax credit intended for middle class New Yorkers who made $500,000 a year or less.

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After a spree of favorable court rulings that softened or blocked Republican-passed voting restrictions, voting rights advocates are engaged in a new phase of trench warfare with a mere month left before November’s election and early voting in some places already underway. There was no time for civil rights groups to rest on their laurels after winning the high-profile legal challenges. In many states, such rulings were met with attempts to undermine or circumvent court orders meant to make it easier to vote.

“You take a step back and it’s really appalling,” said Dale Ho, the director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project who has been involved in many of the legal challenges to state voting restrictions.

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It's been the question on everyone's mind ever since we set eyes on Trump's 1995 tax return: How in the world did Trump suffer business losses of $916 million and live to tell the tale?

A new theory floating around among tax experts is complicated, but it offers a plausible scenario for how Trump may have been able to convert those huge operating losses into big, years-long breaks on his personal income taxes.

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FARMVILLE, VA – Donald Trump has called women pigs, branded Mexican immigrants rapists and attacked the "Mexican" heritage of a federal judge. Less than a week ago, he was up in the wee hours of the morning tweeting about a former Miss Universe's non-existent sex tape, but Trump's team has maintained that the Republican presidential candidate has good judgement.

You want proof?

After Tuesday's debate, they'll tell you to look no further than his VP pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

"It is about proving once again the strong judgment that Donald Trump has. He picked the perfect running mate in Governor Pence. Somebody who is determined, somebody who is measured, somebody who is experienced," said Trump surrogate and supporter Boris Epshteyn to reporters after the debate.

Pence managed to have a measured debate performance Tuesday night a far cry from the more reactionary show Trump gave just a week ago. While Pence failed to defend the top of the ticket throughout the debate and at some points he even seemed to depart from Trump's positions, he remained calm and collected, giving the Trump campaign an opportunity to use Pence as evidence that Trump actually is a good decision-maker.

When asked if there was anything that Trump could learn from Trump's debate performance, former Sen. Scott Brown put it succinctly "everything."

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Former President Bill Clinton critiqued on Monday an aspect of the Affordable Care Act that he called "the craziest thing in the world," while slamming Republicans for their vows to repeal President Obama's signature legislative accplishment.

Speaking at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Flint, Michigan, the former president criticized Donald Trump's stance, which Clinton described as, "Oh, just repeal it all. The market will take care of it," according to a video posted by CNN.

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As the revelations about the Donald Trump Foundation have piled up, an overarching theme has emerged: Trump’s foundation wasn’t operating the way well-meaning wealthy people usually run their philanthropic non-profits.

“He's a guy who is supposedly a billionaire but has run that foundation like a thousand-aire,” Jim Fishman, a professor at The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University in New York, told TPM last week. “The scope of it is surprising. Normally you would have one or two things, but this is rotten all over the core.”

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