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The Senate is poised to vote on a Republican-led measure Thursday to prohibit President Barack Obama from unilaterally granting deportation relief to any undocumented immigrant.

The "motion to table" will be pushed by outspoken immigration hawk Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) prior to the vote on a House-passed bill to keep the government funded through Dec. 11 and let Obama arm Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic militant group ISIS.

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The Alaska Senate race is ostensibly all about which candidate -- incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich or Republican challenger Dan Sullivan -- is the truer Alaskan. Which might help explain why the campaigns spent most of the day on Wednesday arguing about snowmobiles.

First, Sullivan's campaign released a TV ad in which a professional snowmobiler accused Begich of "pretending" to ride a snowmobile in one of his own ads. Then Begich called the Sullivan ad a lie, alleging that the shoot for his ad had a crew member with an AR-15 to protect against polar bears and was cold enough to induce frostbite in Begich himself.

Because nothing is truer Alaska than polar bears and frostbite.

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House Republican leaders are seeking to ensure speedy passage of legislation to keep the federal government funded and avert a damaging shutdown one month before the midterm election.

The continuing resolution (CR) funds the government through Dec. 11 at spending levels that both parties have agreed to. It also extends the Export-Import Bank through June 30, 2015.

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Among many tea party types, paying a penalty for having an insurance plan outside of Obamacare would be something of a badge of honor. Conservative journalist Matt Drudge famously claimed he had already paid a "liberty tax" for not getting coverage under Obamacare for his small business, a claim that was met with skepticism since the penalty hasn't yet been enforced. Other tea party groups have touted stories about regular people who are "happy" to pay the penalty rather than be covered under the law.

So why is New Hampshire state Rep. Marilinda Garcia (R), a vocal critic of Obamacare, so defensive about what kind of health care coverage she has?

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's refusal to remove Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor from the ballot came under harsh scrutiny Tuesday from the Kansas Supreme Court, with some of the justices openly wondering whether the Republican official was arbitrarily applying the law.

At stake is whether Taylor, who attempted to withdraw earlier this month, will have his name appear on the ballot in November. That decision could swing the race between independent candidate Greg Orman and Republican incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts -- which could in turn decide which party controls the Senate next year.

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