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Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said Wednesday that Congress should not risk a government shutdown to stop President Barack Obama's executive actions, and should instead respond by passing immigration reform.

"I hope we respond with legislation," he told a few reporters just off the Senate floor. "I hope we pass legislation."

Immigration reform legislation?

"Yes. That's what we should have done before," said Flake, who co-wrote and voted for the Senate-passed immigration reform bill in 2013, which was nixed by House Republicans.

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Something of a news bombshell broke on Monday when CNN's Chris Moody reported that Republicans seemed to have found a trick to get around election law: posting internal polls on publicly accessible Twitter accounts that could only be deciphered if you really knew what the collection of numbers meant. But many experts say as flagrantly as this may be flouting the spirit of the law, it's near-impossible to take those responsible for the scheme to task under the new era of election law.

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