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If only one could – after years of peddling a race-baiting conspiracy theory– walk up to a lectern, declare Obama was born in America in a few breaths and walk away without consequences.

Sorry, Donald Trump, that is not how it works.

And even if he could, birtherism is just the tip of the Trump conspiracy iceberg.

It is just one in a long list of half-baked, racially-charged, historically inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks Trump has projected on his opponents in recent years. Need proof? Behold, a long list of Trump's conspiracy theories in recent years.

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A "fact sheet" on Donald Trump's economic platform that called for the deregulation of the food industry is now absent from the campaign's website. A version of the fact sheet the campaign sent out Thursday morning said that under a President Trump, the "The FDA Food Police" would be eliminated, while a revised version sent out Thursday afternoon did not include that section.

The Thursday morning version of platform called for the elimination of rules that "govern the soil farmers use, farm and food production hygiene, food packaging, food temperatures, and even what animals may roam which fields and when."

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Republicans and Democrats are still hammering out a spending package that must be passed by Sept. 30 to keep the government funded and it will be punted another week.

While there had been some speculation that Senators might hurry to finish their work this week to get back to the campaign trail, sticking points on Zika funding and on who has control over internet domain names are still being worked out.

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After a collective panic over refugees this year, Obama's announcement that he would increase the number of refugees admitted into the country in 2017 could have been expected to set of a new round of fear mongering.

But some Republicans on Capitol Hill – whether it is because the daily horrors of ISIS have subsided or they are confident Obama won't actually have a say over refugee resettlement when he leaves office– have been much more muted even with an election less than two months away.

President Barack Obama is urging the United States to accept 110,000 new refugees in 2017, a marked increase over the previous years.

But with Obama's time in office quickly coming to a close and the future of the White House hanging in the balance, Republicans in Congress are divided over what the U.S.'s commitment to resettling refugees should be with the next administration.

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One of the woman the Donald Trump campaign announced last month would be serving on its economic advisory council did not in fact accept the job. Betsy McCaughey, a columnist and notorious Obamacare critic, told TPM in an email Wednesday that she had turned down the invitation.

Her name was among a list of eight woman the Trump campaign touted in an expansion of its economic team, after its initial list of economic advisors featured no women and six guys named Steve. The press release naming her to the council was sent out Aug. 11, and is still live on the Trump campaign website without any correction.

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Over the summer, Donald Trump could not keep his mouth shut.

And it was a big problem for Capitol Hill Republicans.

There was the day in July that Trump came to the Hill and attacked sitting Republican senators in what was supposed to be a cordial meet and greet. That same day he gave conservatives in the House heartburn when he pledged to defend "Article 12" of the Constitution (which doesn't exist).

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With less than two months to go until Election Day, newly surfaced allegations that a Republican congressman from Louisiana slept with prostitutes who were later murdered in a series of unsolved killings are making a splash in a crowded U.S. Senate race.

The outlandish charges against Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) received national press attention this week, after Boustany's campaign released a denial from his wife that prompted his opponents in the Senate race to play up those allegations in their own statements that denied having had any hand in the prostitution story.

The strident denials from Boustany's wife and his campaign prompt the question of whether there is actually anything to the claims outlined in “Murder in the Bayou,” a book published Tuesday by Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner. Journalist Ethan Brown reported in the book that multiple anonymous sources told him Boustany had sexual relationships with several of the eight sex workers who were found murdered in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana between 2005-2009.

Brown also confirmed that a longtime Boustany aide, Martin Guillory, co-leased an inn in the city of Jennings that was known to police as a hotbed of prostitution and had met “one or two” of the victims before their deaths. Boustany’s staffers said that Guillory concealed his involvement in the motel from them and that he left his post as a field representative for the campaign last week.

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Risqué photographic evidence that cast doubt on Melania Trump's account of immigrating to the United States was based on a faulty report, according to the French photographer who shot the nude pics. Photos taken of Trump in Manhattan in the mid-1990s for the French magazine Max were printed in a February 1997 issue of the magazine, not the January 1996 issue, as the New York Post reported in July, the photographer confirmed to TPM Wednesday.

The dates of the issue and the photoshoot were important, because they were used as evidence that Trump was living and working in the United States as early as 1995, which contradicted her account of when she immigrated to America.

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