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WASHINGTON — Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush told a conservative radio host he would undo President Barack Obama's executive actions to let some five million people temporarily stay in the country if he's elected president.

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WASHINGTON — Top Republican senators criticized GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker on Tuesday for casting doubt on legal immigration policies and echoing calls by outspoken restrictionist Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for a discussion about whether immigrants harm wages for native-born American workers.

It's hardly remarkable for a Republican to be unsympathetic to undocumented immigrants but it is rare for a top-tier presidential candidate to call into question legal immigration, which the party (and business community) broadly supports.

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Potential Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley jabbed Hillary Clinton by name for the first time on Thursday evening, taking swipes at her for switching her positions on same-sex marriage and immigration.

Speaking to reporters at Harvard University where he gave a speech about the economy, the former Maryland governor called out the Democratic frontrunner with subtle insinuations that she was flip-flopping for political convenience.

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