06.30.2016 - 1:40 PM EDT

I still can't quite believe that even as big a huckster as Donald Trump thinks he can get away with this. But it's starting to seem like Trump was probably lying when he announced with great fanfare a week ago that he was converting some $50 million of loans to his campaign into simple contributions. This would mean that he could no longer use future contributions to pay himself back for those loans. In other words, he couldn't have either small donors or GOP fat cats reimburse him for his "self-funded" primary campaign.

This news comes from Ari Melber and Alexandre Jaffe at NBC News. Back on June 23rd, on the heels of the Trump campaign's catastrophic and humiliating May FEC report, he grandly announced that he was forgiving the debt and that he would file the relevant paperwork with the FEC that day.

But that apparently never happened. The FEC has no record of such a filing.

06.30.2016 - 8:35 AM EDT

I'm curious why we're not hearing more about this. On the terrorist/jihadist web, ISIS fighters and supporters seem downright giddy for a Trump presidency, a mockable clown who will tank the US economy and draw the US into the land war they're hoping for.

06.29.2016 - 4:39 PM EDT

TPM Reader BM has a theory that is at first glance ridiculous. In fact, on second glance it is also ridiculous. But when it comes to trying to figure out why Donald Trump is asking legislators in Denmark, Iceland and Australia to send him political contributions, I'm really not sure it's more ridiculous than the other theories. Here's BM ...

I have a purely speculative alternate hypothesis for how this train wreck of funding solicitations to foreign legislatures came about.

First, posit that DJT and the rest of his clan have now, and/or have had in the past, business interests in the UK (golf courses), Iceland (google "FL Group"), Australia, Canada, etc.

06.29.2016 - 3:02 PM EDT

"It has been a whole campaign about us without us," says Linda Sarsour, a community organizer and executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. The quotesis from this piece from this morning by TPM's Lauren Fox, looking at the mix of fear and mobilization in America's Muslim community in the year of Trump. It's a powerful piece. Give it a read.

06.29.2016 - 2:16 PM EDT

FEC complaint filed against Trump for soliciting campaign contributions from foreign MPs in the UK, Iceland, Australia, Denmark, Canada and sundry other global democracies.

06.29.2016 - 11:20 AM EDT

Yesterday, Caitlin MacNeal reported that Donald Trump had been bombarding MPs from the United Kingdom with fundraising emails asking for money to fund his campaign against "Crooked Hillary." Then last night I reported that Trump and his sons have been upping the ante and sending emails to every member of the parliament of Iceland also asking for money.

“I have no idea why he emailed me the letter,” said MP Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson, a member of Independence Party. “This whole matter is very perplexing. The letter left me speechless,” said MP Katrín Jakobsdóttir, head of the Left Green Party. If you're wondering if this is as bizarre as it sounds, Yes, it totally is. Trump and his wastrel sons appear to be developing a new composite literary form - the hybrid campaign money ask/Nigerian email scam email. 'Dearly Beloved in Christ, I am former billionaire Donald Trump, now fighting to regain my fortune from Crooked Hillary ..." But once I posted about Iceland, the floodgates truly opened. Those weren't the only countries.

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