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Ultimate TPM Buddy Movie

We noted last week that the guy in charge of saving the Kansas Senate race for the GOP turns out to be the country's top voter suppression advocate, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. But there's more! Now he's enlisted US Attorney firing scandal figure, Bradley Shlozman, himself a legendary figure in the voter suppression movement, to help keep Democrat Chad Taylor's name on the ballot. It's like the whole gang is reuniting for this one effort. Dylan Scott has the full story.

Not A Friendly Hearing For Kobach

The Kansas Supreme Court gave the lawyer for Secretary of State Kris Kobach a rough time in court this morning over Kobach's decision not to allow Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor to remove his name from the November ballot. More soon.

Wait, What Kind of Plan?

Okay, this is kind of fascinating. You can see that we have this story about about Cruz-backed Tea Party candidate Marilinda Garcia, running for a seat in Congess up in New Hampshire. She was being interviewed last week and stumbled into this question of just what kind of insurance she had since she's such a big critic of Obamacare. She very oddly ducked and bobbed and refused to answer the question, specifically whether she herself had an Obamacare plan. Her campaign followed up and clarified that she did have health care coverage but not an Obamacare plan. But some key elements of the story did not - and still do not - seem to add up.

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