06.29.2016 - 9:55 AM EDT

We just announced this morning on Morning Joe that today we're introducing the 2016 version of PollTracker mobile. This year it's available on both iOS and Android. And of course it's free.

As you may know, TPM runs PollTracker, the most accurate poll aggregator in the business (yep, check out the 2012 final results). There are other poll aggregators out there. But PollTracker is the only one with a mobile app that sends you live notifications every time a new poll is released in a contest you're following. Maybe you shouldn't be so addicted to politics and polls that you can't wait to find out in the evening or when you're back from lunch or tomorrow morning which new polls came out. But if you're a politics junkie it's not soon enough. You need to know now. That's the magic of PollTracker. Do you absolutely need to know when there's a new poll out of the Ohio Senate race? New Hampshire? Trump v Clinton in Florida. Download PollTracker Mobile, 'follow' the races you're most interested in and you'll get a notification on your smartphone every time a new poll is released.

06.28.2016 - 11:47 PM EDT

Today TPM's Caitlin MacNeal brought us the news that Donald Trump and his scion Donald Trump Jr have been bombarding members of the UK House of Commons with fundraising email spam asking for contributions to his political campaign. He even offers to match their illegal foreign contributions dollar for dollar from his own fortune up to two million dollars.

Accepting contributions from foreign nationals is illegal of course though in this case it seems more a matter of incompetence than criminal intent, as though Trump has bought his email list not for a party list vendor but maybe from a Nigerian email scammer. In any case, it's not just the UK. It turns out some or perhaps all members of the Icelandic parliament have also receiving fundraising emails from the Trump campaign asking for money.

06.28.2016 - 11:06 PM EDT

This doesn't have to do with politics. But see it as a personal point of privilege. Because it feels like a certain brush with greatness. Legendary New York Times fashion and party photographer Bill Cunningham died over the weekend. He was 87. He is, as they say, irreplaceable. And yet the Times will replace him. And a friend pointed out to me that some are suggesting Victor Jeffreys II as that replacement. (The link is from the Post's 'Page Six') Jeffreys works for Gawker (now this isn't part of that Gawker saga). But for the last few years I've been lucky enough to get him to moonlight taking portraits of guests at the two or three parties we throw each year for friends and colleagues at TPM's New York office.

06.28.2016 - 3:01 PM EDT

Enjoying our coverage of the craziest campaign ever? Why not take a moment to support our independent journalism and the team that brings it to you every day. Become a subscriber to TPM Prime. You get lots of benefits, access to The Hive, long form articles and dramatically fewer ads (no ads at all on your smart phone). But most of all you become part of our team, making what we do possible. We need you. And it's just $4.99 a month. No more than an overpriced cuppa coffee. Interested? Just click right here.

06.28.2016 - 2:03 PM EDT

This may technically be illegal. But surely it's just an example of the Trump campaign's epic incompetence. Members of the House of Commons (that's the UK, yes, at least for now) have been bombarded for the last week by fundraising emails from Trump and Trump Jr asking for money for his campaign.

06.28.2016 - 9:44 AM EDT

There's a campaign dynamic now coming into view which under other circumstances might only be a matter of trash talk or taunt. In this unique campaign cycle, however, it will likely be a driving issue. Put simply, as Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to fall (or more likely become more anchored in a position with him clearly behind) he is himself being lowered onto his own personal kryptonite: Loserdom.

This one charge, taunt, attack will rile and unhinge him more than any other. That he's a loser. At the moment, the facts leave little question that that is what he is.

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