08.16.2018 - 9:29 AM EDT

Good morning. Paul Manafort’s future is in a jury’s hands today following both sides’ closing arguments, which wrapped up yesterday afternoon. Here’s more on that and on the other stories we’re following.

08.15.2018 - 10:38 PM EDT

From TPM Reader JO

Great job by Tierney and Caitlin covering the Manafort trial. Their dispatches were every bit as good as Wapo, and generally better than the NYTimes. In particular, they showed a great touch for identifying the evidence that illustrated the prosecution’s game plan of corroborating Manafort’s knowledge and complicity with a thousand small lies and deceptions. Many news orgs just focused on the “drama” of provacative questions. Tierney and Caitlin recogized the broader patterns.

It would be truly shocking if Manafort is not convicted of many if not most counts. Of course, juries do crazy things, so we know until we know.

Again, fabulous job by the team.

08.15.2018 - 2:45 PM EDT

Trump blacklists Brennan.

08.15.2018 - 2:15 PM EDT

When I wrote this post about Trump’s pre-Twitter, 2011-12 video blog I went back and watched a decent number of the mini-episodes. One of the things I watch for in watching these – just can’t help it – is his verbal focus and precision. (Here’s the video series I’m talking about.) Watch video of Trump from twenty years ago and it’s very, very different from the guy you see now. There was some of this in these videos from less than a decade ago. But there was something else that I noticed, something that took me a while to quite put my finger on because it’s the absence of something.

08.15.2018 - 1:23 PM EDT

We haven’t heard much from the defense during Paul Manafort’s financial crimes trial. Manafort’s lawyers didn’t call any witnesses or present any evidence. Now it’s time for them to make their closing argument. This is when we’ll finally get a sense of their theory of the case, such as it is. Tierney Sneed and Caitlin MacNeal are reporting from the court house. Stay tuned.

08.15.2018 - 10:10 AM EDT

Good morning. The Manafort trial is drawing to a close. Today, we expect each side to make their closing argument. Here’s more on that, and on the other stories we’re following.

08.14.2018 - 6:13 PM EDT

Yesterday we decided to dig deeper into this matter of Trump White House NDAs. Kellyanne Conway said they all sign them in the Trump White House. Then President Trump confirmed the existence of NDAs for White House employees in one of his broadsides against renegade ex-employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman. I want to first discuss the NDAs and then some broader lessons we can draw about Trumpism from this latest turmoil. In this storm of back-biting, intrigue and betrayal we see in microcosm the world system on which Trump wants to build US relations with the rest of the world. But first, let’s discuss the NDAs.

08.14.2018 - 12:59 PM EDT

Trump and the Trump campaign are using the NDA arbitration path that worked so well with Stormy Daniels with Omarosa.

08.14.2018 - 9:49 AM EDT

Good morning. The prosecution rested its case yesterday in Paul Manafort’s financial crimes trial; now it’s the defense’s turn. Here’s more on that, and what else we’re watching, including tonight’s primaries. (Updated)

08.13.2018 - 8:36 PM EDT

Evolutionary biology is dragooned into the political culture these days for all sorts of bad ends. But if we’re candid with ourselves we will grant that one place where it provides a highly instructive analog is in explaining how Trump intrusion into the political ecosystem has created a niche opening for operators like Michael Avenatti and Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

08.13.2018 - 4:20 PM EDT

In the Paul Manafort trial, we’re nearing the end of the prosecution’s case-in-chief.

08.13.2018 - 1:56 PM EDT

Omarosa Manigault Newman has a “fully-signed” nondisclosure agreement, President Trump says. This, despite the fact that Manigault Newman says she refused a $15,000-a-month hush money agreement from the campaign.

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