04.26.2018 - 9:07 AM EDT

It’s always hard to tell from an oral argument how the justices are likely to rule on a given case, but Alice Ollstein runs down some hints she got yesterday as to how the Court is thinking about the third and latest iteration of Trump’s travel ban (Prime access).

04.26.2018 - 8:21 AM EDT

04.25.2018 - 9:59 PM EDT

Five frat brothers who were among 18 suspended over a racist frat video are suing Syracuse University for infliction of “ridicule and scorn” over their treatment. According to the lawsuit: “The skits did not constitute actual racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism and disrespect for the disabled. Rather, the entire focus of the skits was to create caricatures and exaggerate to be outrageous.”

It’s basically, ‘no racisms were harmed during the filming of this video.’

04.25.2018 - 9:40 PM EDT

Alleged serial killer arrested more than three decades after his killing spree terrorized California. The former police officer is suspected in a dozen killings and more than fifty rapes.

04.25.2018 - 5:28 PM EDT

CNN has an exclusive this evening that is explosive but also requires some important context: some of those Russian ‘diplomats’ who were expelled as spies were tracking Russian emigres or defectors in the U.S. Let me share some thoughts on what to make of this revelation.

04.25.2018 - 4:41 PM EDT

Cam Joseph, who broke the Patrick Fitzgerald story yesterday, explains how the Scooter Libby trial presaged the Mueller probe (Prime access).

04.25.2018 - 4:33 PM EDT

We appear to have a minor diplomatic incident unfolding at the former Russian consular residence in Seattle.

04.25.2018 - 3:58 PM EDT

Very revealing move here by Facebook. Many companies try to have some balance in Republicans and Democrats in who runs their DC offices – which is to say, they’re lobbying operation. Top person from one party, second at the other. That’s by no means always the case. It depends on the company. But Facebook is moving toward having two Republicans running its DC lobbying operation – Joel Kaplan and Kevin Martin.

04.25.2018 - 3:36 PM EDT

“I feel like the GOP broadly really wants to make it look like in-person voter fraud is a real thing. The numbers have shown that it’s not, but if they can drum up enough cases like this, then they have the ability to at least make the claim that it exists. Stories like this will scare people away from voting and it will make us a less democratic country.”

That’s what the lawyer for Crystal Mason told TPM’s Nicole Lafond, and it’s exactly right. Mason is the Texas woman who was sentenced to five years in jail for illegally voting when she was on supervised release for a felony conviction. Mason, who pretty clearly appears to have made an honest mistake, is now asking for a new trial.

04.25.2018 - 2:58 PM EDT

Almost two years ago, as President Trump stood on the threshold of securing the Republican nomination, he stumbled into a nuisance level scandal over hard sell email money solicitations to parliamentarians in countries from Australia and the UK to Iceland and Denmark. The inboxes of elected officials from various countries around the world were stuffed with requests for money and promises to jail “Crooked Hillary”, Make America Great Again and more.

But apparently Trump never stopped.

04.25.2018 - 2:20 PM EDT

Louisiana evangelicals make historic stand against bestiality crackdown in bizarre attempt to hold the line on sodomy.

04.25.2018 - 12:37 PM EDT

This new New York Times report on an NFL player/owner meeting back in October is painful reading and not at all pretty. This passage stands out …

The New England Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft pointed to another “elephant in the room.”

“This kneeling,” he said.

“The problem we have is, we have a president who will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interests of America,” said Kraft, who is a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump’s. “It’s divisive and it’s horrible.”

It’s not altogether clear to me what Kraft was calling “divisive” and “horrible.”

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